Words of Wisdom January 11, 2010 | Moms United in Business

Words of Wisdom January 11, 2010 | Moms United in Business

Psalms 25

 Pray Always
If you want to know who you are and why you’re here, start praying every day.  

Taking those few minutes a day to read my Bible has given me peace. 

Those who are or have gone through the ending of a relationship, read Psalms 25.15-18.


Take A Minute...

Minute Meditations...
Take Time
There’s nothing more important I can do in my day than take some time to be with my Lord.

It only takes a minute to be with your Lord; He listens and always by your side.  He has opened a door for me and I must have the faith to walk through this door!


Prayer & Gratituted

I have become of a part of an organization called MUIB - Moms United In Business. A group I am proud to be a part of; who believes in supporting me as a Christian, a mom and a business woman!



Over the past year I have been working getting my own business up and running. It has been exciting, challenging  and at times I have felt lost.  But the one consistant in my life is my faith.  2010 means it is time to set set serious obtainable goals, realize my weaknesses, humble myself, roll up my selves, get my big girl pants on and make it happen.

My business partner, Terri keeps me focused and on track to work on one project at a time, pray for her! She will need it, keeping me focused is not an easy task!  Our blog here is to center me, combine,  link and make this the hub to our other projects. 

Goal One:Write  Business Plan for D & B Brite Lites and marketing strategy for the month January
Goal Two: Link Blogs

Follow the journey of two Christian women on a mission